Home, work and travel are evolving. 

Introducing the next generation of travel experience, 

Hotels built for moments that last, and the planet we share. 

Welcome to Cabin Anthology, you’re among friends.

We’re dreaming of a better type of destination. Where new friends are waiting. Where the body’s at peace and the mind follows. 


We wanted conversations by firelight, dancing under the Milky Way, climbing up to forest waterfalls, lazy beach days and excellent cocktails.   

We’re nostalgic for the joy of new connections without the inconveniences of budget travel.


We’re a team of architects, hoteliers, entrepreneurs, designers, and big-time travellers. 

We’re writing a new anthology of travel experiences.


Between us we’ve clocked decades on and off the beaten path, in tents, hammocks, hostels and the finest suites.

We know how the thrills of travel come from serendipity, from connection, from surprise, rarely just an impressive bathroom. 

We don’t live to work, or work to live. 

We live and work. 

And it’s time to take this duality on the road.

We aren’t nomads – we have places to be. 

But we still may want to setup in paradise every now and again. Maybe for a week, maybe a month.

We’re making that a reality at Cabin Anthology.

If you could match serious luxury with the freedom to get some jobs done, where would you go?

Join us on our journey and help mould the process in real time. It'll be a whirlwind. 

Chapter 1: Zanzibar 


The Spice Island. A dream of Sultans and traders and tusker elephants on powder sands. 

Its name is an evocation of the exotic. 

More details to come… 

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